Airports in Ireland with Corey Taratuta from Irish Fireside | Traveling in Ireland Podcast Episode 20

Irish Fireside

Jody is talking with Corey Taratuta from Irish Fireside. Today, they are discussing the ins and outs of airports in Ireland. Learn what to expect and tips to make your life easier as you travel to and from Ireland.

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Dublin Airport:

Dublin Airport tips

  • The biggest airport and is therefore the busiest
  • 2 Terminals, know which you will be at to know where your car rental company is
  • Expect to wait 40-45 minutes to get through immigration, car rental and luggage pick-up
  • Don’t use you cell phones while waiting in line at immigration; they can be confiscated
  • The airport is very helpful with lost luggage and will deliver it to you if it has been delayed

Shannon Airport:

Shannon Airport tips

  • Smaller airport
  • Easier to get through because it is less busy
  • Get through immigration, luggage pick-up and car rental in about 15-20 minutes.
  • Shannon is usually a little more expensive than Dublin due to limited flights

Leaving From the Airports:


  • Takes more time to get through (3 hours)


  • Faster to get through due to more efficient security and immigration lines
  • This airport is known for its excellent customer service
  • Helpful Hint: If renting a car from Dan Dooley, you will need to take a shuttle to get to the rental location. (You will not see a Dan Dooley desk in the airport like they have with the other car rental companies)

Dan Dooley Car Rental:

Jody and Corey highly recommend Dan Dooley Car Rental. Because it is the most straight forward in pricing. Remember, in Ireland to rent a car you must have a CDW (Collision Damage Waiver). For more on car rental in Ireland, check out the car rental podcast.

Other Airports:

  • Cork
  • Belfast
  • TKnock
  • Tralee

History of Shannon Airport:

Shannon airport has long and fascinating history. So if you find yourself with a little bit of time, you may want to find out more about it by checking out the Flying Boat Museum.

A few interesting facts:

  • Irish Coffee came from this airport
  • This was the first place to offer duty-free shopping
  • Charles Lindbergh chose the location for Shannon Airport when he was planning the commercial routes for Pan American (PanAm)airlines

What are 3 places in Ireland you shouldn't miss?

Closing remarks:

Click here to visit Corey’s website at the Irish Fireside. In addition to great articles and tips on travel and culture, Corey offers a beautiful free ebook Remarkable places in Ireland (free download)
You can also check out the podcasts in which Jody has been a guest using the links below.

Questions about this podcast or Ireland travel in general? Email Jody at jody@irelandfamilyvacations.com or leave a comment below.

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