Ireland Travel Question: When is the Best Time to Visit Irish Gardens?

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Reader Question: Hello, I came across this site whilst searching for advice on the best month to visit Irish gardens (for colour and flowers). I spent May in Ireland this year but the gardens, although interesting were not at their best. I'm not a gardener (just enjoy to visit) but I'd like to invite a friend to join me next year for a few days and don't want to disappoint.

When is the best time to visit Irish gardens? Answers for your Ireland Vacation questions at

I am a huge fan of beautiful gardens! My Friday Photos are filled with shot of Irish gardens and flowers in bloom! We have visited in early spring, late, summer, and fall and I always impressed by the skills of the gardeners!

But if you're looking for Irish gardens in full bloom, there is a ‘sweet spot' as far as visitation. I turned to three of my favorite garden destinations in Ireland for advice:

Birr Castle Demense recommends visiting from spring to early summer as the best time to see their garden in bloom.

Powerscourt Estate says the best time for their gardens, just south of Dublin are from April – August.

Mount Falcon Estate head gardener Alex Lavarde invites guests to visit the kitchen gardens any time of the year, and says they are in bloom from early summer.

In my own experience I would say that late June gardens have a lush beauty that will delight any visitor.

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  1. We went on a wonderful 2 week trip around the whole isle in June a couple of years ago. We enjoyed the gardens so much – at Kylemore Abbey, Blarney Castle and so many other places. But besides the green beauty EVERYWHERE, we loved the amazing rhododendron that grew wild and was in full bloom, seemingly on every hillside! I’d like to save $$, but it just couldn’t be prettier than in June!

      Thank you for sharing such wonderful memories of your trip to Ireland!

        I think that was my first ever blog comment! Your name and travel style caught my eye from a Pinterest article “Spectacular Alternatives.” We are dreaming of another trip – are kind of skittish about renting a car, but most of the escorted tour packages include the “must sees” that we’ve seen. We were drawn to the western coast and thought of basing out of a B&B somewhere and doing daytrips, enjoying local color and music. Can you steer me to someone who might help us? (Sorry if this isn’t your thing – I’m a newbie at this!)

          Once you visit Ireland it draws you back!
          You can certainly base on the west and day trip- it really depends on what you want to see and do!
          And I can totally help you!
          I have a few options…
          You can take a look at my free itineraries. They might spark some ideas for you.
          I also offer custom vacation coaching. We would work together to plan the perfect trip for you. This is really an ideal option when you want to base yourself and day trip. We will find the best location for you based on what you want to see & do. I can help you find small tours, private guides, and other options when you don’t want to drive. I can also help you past the fear of driving, if you want to explore that. Or I can help you plan an itinerary that has a mix of driving, guided tours, and train.
          I hope that helps- and thank you so much for taking the time to comment!

    Thank you so much for going to the trouble of asking at the gardens themselves, Jody. I guess I was ‘there’ at the right time but visits were marred a bit by the wet and overcast weather. I’ll try for a bit later next year. Birr has been high on my list for some time. Best wishes, Barbara

      It was no problem at all Barbara! Weather does play such an important part in gardens – too much rain, too little rain, strong storms… You will love Birr – we wandered there for hours!

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