Money Saving Tips for Ireland Vacations | Traveling in Ireland Podcast Episode 55

An Ireland vacation doesn't have to break your budget! Use these 10 tips to make your Euro go farther and help you save money in Ireland!
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10 Money Savings Tips for Ireland Vacations

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10 money saving tips for Ireland vacations. Use these tips to save money in Ireland and stay on budget!
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(2:15) Save Money in Ireland Tip #1: Create a Budget

Plan a simple Ireland budget.

  • Don't forget to include flights, accommodations, meals, attractions, transportation, and souvenirs!

(3:23) Save Money in Ireland Tip #2: Choose Accommodations

Quick guide to Ireland vacation lodging

  • Consider self-catering and hostels to save money.
  • Stay outside of busy tourism centers to save money.
  • Self-catering accommodations also help you save money on food! Dining out always costs more than eating in!

(4:38) Save Money in Ireland Tip #3: How & When to Get Euros

How and when to get Euros

  • Don't use money changers at the airport and in city centres.
  • Best rate comes from ATM withdrawl. Be sure to have a 4 digit PIN for your debit or credit card.

(6:10) Save Money in Ireland Tip #4: Transportation Costs

Everything you need to know about car rental in Ireland

  • You don't need a car in Dublin so wait to rent until you leave the city, or return the car when you arrive in the city.
  • Galway, Cork, Kilkenny, and Killarney are also very walkable. Consider taking the train to these cities and renting the car from here.
Irish Car Rentals - ubeatable quote on car rental in Ireland
For an unbeatable quote on car rentals in Ireland

(7:48) Save Money in Ireland Tip #5: Find Free Sites & Attractions

(8:45) Save Money in Ireland Tip #6: Get an OPW Heritage Card

The OPW Heritage Card is the best value in Ireland!

  • Purchase at the first OPW site you plan to visit.
  • Do have cash on hand as not all sites credit card terminals.

(9:40) Save Money in Ireland Tip #7: Buy a Dublin Pass

How to decide if a Dublin Pass is a good deal for you.

Use code FAMILYVACATIONS at check out to save 15% off a 5 day pass and 5% off a 3 day pass.

(11:35) Save Money in Ireland Tip #8: Buy Tickets Online for Discounts

Many popular sites like the Cliffs of Moher and Guinness Storehouse offer discounts when you purchase tickets online.

  • Check websites of places you want to visit to see if they offer a discount.
  • You will need to choose day and time of visit so be sure your itinerary is set so you don't run late or have to rush off!

(13:05) Save Money in Ireland Tip #9: Turn in Your VAT

What is VAT and how to get your refund

  • Prepare your VAT paperwork before you go to the airport for departure.
  • It is easier to take care of your VAT refund before leaving Ireland than it is to try to file papers after you return home.
  • Allow yourself enough time at the airport to do this. I recommend a minimum of 3 hours at Dublin and 2 hours at Shannon (prior to boarding time).

(14:52) Save Money in Ireland Tip #10: Planning the Ireland Vacation of Your Dreams book

Your step-by-step guide to planning the Ireland vacation you've been dreaming of! 

Filled with more money saving tips for Ireland vacations – from finding airfare and using your mobile phone in Ireland to packing and handling jet lag!

(15:35) Thanks for listening!

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