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Why Choose Ireland – and other reader questions

“Why should I choose Ireland over another European country?” It's a question I receive often- and one I love to answer! In fact, I receive a lot of Ireland travel questions- and I respond to them all!

In the latest Ireland FAQ chat I tackle the ‘Why Ireland?” question, as well as other general Ireland travel questions. Watch the replay below!

Ireland Travel Reference:

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Why Ireland? – A few guest bloggers weigh in to answer that question.

What might visitors not expect? Narrow roads, long drive times, really great food, and the division still found in Northern Ireland

Better lodging option: one central location or staying in different places?  This really depends on your group. I recommend not switching lodging more often than every 2 nights, but large groups or families with small children may really benefit from a single lodging and day trips.

Links:  The Single Thing That Can Ruin Your Ireland Vacation; Tour the West of Ireland from Bruff, County Limerick; Day Trips from Cahir, County Tipperary; Using AirBnB in Ireland

How and Where to Get Euros

Where is the easiest place to get to the Aran Islands from? Personally I have only traveled from Doolin, County Clare, via Doolin2Aran Ferries. If you are in Galway you can use Aran Island Ferries. Seasick or don't like boats? Conside Aer Arann Islands.

What are some things to do in Donegal? Such a great county! Begin with these amazing spots and build from there!

What are my favorite bags or purses to take to Ireland? I have 2:

For the flight and city visits, I adore Kelly Moore bags. I have the Woodstock Backpack as well as a bag that the company no longer sells.

For active adventure- hiking, cycling, etc- I us a LowePro Sport Sling. It has loads of room and easy camera access.

Should I use my Garmin? Renting a GPS unit from the car company is expensive! I don't own a Garmin, or any other GPS device, but I believe you have to purchase the maps for other countries. I recommend renting a Travel Wifi device from Wifi Candy and using the map app on your smartphone.

Smartphone tips

Do you recommend taking a carry on suitcase only to minimize luggage if you plan to rent a car and travel to multiple cities? No, not really. If you were using public transit, yes. But if you are driving take what you will need.

Links: Packing tips; Carry on tips; SCOTTeVEST travel clothing (I love the Margaux Cargaux pants and the Maddie Cardigan); Columbia Anytime Outdoor Capri (great if activities involve water!)

Are there more redheads in Ireland or Scotland? Both countries have over 10%, though I’ve seen reports that show Scotland’s population is 13% ginger, while Ireland is only 10%. But since the Scots actually began as Irish I’ll just say the Gaelic portions of the British Isles have the most readheads per capita in the world.

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