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Best Tours of Ireland for Families | Traveling in Ireland Podcast Episode 110

A family tour of Ireland is definitely an unforgettable experience! But finding a tour that is designed for families as opposed to a tour that is ‘family friendly' can be difficult! Today I'm sharing the best tours of Ireland for families.

Today's podcast is brought to you by my own Traveling in Ireland Tours. I've designed the type of tour I would like to take! My small group tours travel in a luxury mini-coach, visiting sites both on and off the beaten path. Each stop, from attractions and accommodations, to the included meals and activities, has been carefully chosen for its memory-making experience and warm Irish welcome.
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The Donkey Sanctuary is always a great stop!

Tours of Ireland for Families

An internet search for family trips to Ireland or family tours in Ireland first brings up a lot of ads, and then a lot of results for tour companies. But a closer look reveals that most of these are just general tours of Ireland that welcome kids – but they aren't really designed with family travel in mind.

I've researched the top tour results – and a few more beyond page 1 – and found the best family tours in Ireland.

Hawk Walk at Mount Falcon Estate in County Mayo Ireland. Family activities in Ireland
Hands on experiences, like falconry, are highlights of an Ireland family vacation.

How Much Does a Family Trip to Ireland Cost?

In podcast episode 102, How Much Does It Cost to Go to Ireland?, I shared that the average daily cost of an Ireland vacation ranges from €65- €150 ($73 – $169 / currency conversion 11/23/2021).

That's a pretty wide margin and I dig into it in that podcast (and the corresponding article).

For a guided family tour of Ireland you will find a large price spread as well. It is really all dependent on the type of tour you take and the level of luxury you choose.

The tours I am highlighting below- range from $350 – $850 per person daily.

rental car and too much luggage
A self-drive tour of Ireland is usually more affordable than a coach or small group tour.

Self-Drive Tours & Ireland Family Vacation Itineraries

When you are searching for family tours of Ireland you'll want to look for a few key things, so be sure to listen to podcast episode 103, 5 Things to Consider Before You Book a Vacation Package (or read the corresponding article).

Many companies are offering a vacation package that includes a rental car and accommodations, not an escorted tour of Ireland. I won't deny that having everything booked at once is handy – it definitely is – but today I am covering escorted tours of Ireland.

PS You can get free Ireland family vacation itineraries here.

Escorted Tours of Ireland for Families

When you are researching escorted tours of Ireland it's important to know what type of tour you are looking for.

A group (or ‘big bus') tour will have more people (usually 40+, but sometimes as few as 25), a small group tour will usually range from 12 to 20 people, and private family tours are restricted to members of your own family or group.

Ireland vacation
Jaunting carts are a popular way to get around Killarney National Park!

Group Tours

Tauck's ‘Ireland Forever' tour is incredibly interactive and designed for families. It has some terrific features including luxury accommodations, pottery making, hands-on cooking, and an evening with a storyteller.

Transportation is not specified, but the tours I have seen from this company tend to be the ‘big bus' type.

The tour is 8 days and is recommended for ages 8 and up. Priced from $4690 per person. Price is for land journey only; does not include airfare. Tour begins in Dublin and ends in Shannon; you would need to arrange transport back to Dublin if your flights return from there.

Adventures by Disney is known for bringing “Disney Magic” to their vacations, and the Ireland family vacation is no exception. Accommodations are luxurious and include a castle. Special activities include a shamrock hunt, butter making demonstration, birds of prey demonstration, and scone making.

This is a group tour transported by motor coach.

The tour is 8 days and is recommended for ages 6 and up, though children aged 4 and above are welcomed. Prices begin at $5509 per person, but are higher during the busier season. Price is for land journey only; does not include airfare. Tour begins in Dublin and ends in Shannon; you would need to arrange transport back to Dublin if your flights return from there.

The beauty of the Vee Pass between Counties Tipperary and Waterford. Ireland travel tips | Ireland vacation |
The Vee Gap between Tipperary and Waterford

Small Group Tours of Ireland

Backroads Family Multi-Adventure Tour looks like a terrific option if your family loves active adventure. Luxury accommodations in Kenmare and Killarney are terrific for relaxing after active days. Adventure activities include hiking and biking.

Though not specified this appears to be a small group tour. Transportation is provided by van shuttles, coach transfer, and bikes.

The tour is 6 days and seems to be available to all ages, though it appears that young children will be on trailer-cycles (tag-along bikes) and in bike trailers. Prices from $4999-$5299 based on double occupancy. Price is for land journey only; does not include airfare. Tour begins and ends in Cork, which is easily accessed by train from Dublin.

Discover the Sunny Southeast, my own small group tour, was designed for families and is based on past travel with my own family. 4-star accommodations include the Brooklodge Hotel in Macreddin Village, two Georgian manors, and a luxury cliffside hotel. (This tour took place June 2022.)

I designed this tour with options to fit all activity levels. Special activities include afternoon tea, a cooking experience with an Irish chef, a fun hedge maze, and a stunning cliff walk.

This is an 8 night tour and is available to all ages. Cost is €2650 per person/ sharing. Price is for land journey only; does not include airfare. Tour begins and ends in Dublin.

The Perry Family in Ireland. Ireland vacations. Tips for your Ireland family vacation.
Private family tour of Ireland

Private Family Tours

Private tours of Ireland, also known as ‘driver guide' or chauffeur tours are the perfect way to see Ireland at your own pace.

My preferred company for this is my tour partner Ireland Chauffeur Travel. With a wide variety of luxury vehicles and the ability to book all types of accommodation – from bed and breakfasts to castles – Ireland Chauffeur Travel will work with you to plan an Ireland vacation that fits your interest, travel goals, and budget.

Prices for a family of 4 including 3* accommodation begins at €2750.

Michelle Lee is the personal consultant for Traveling in Ireland listeners Ireland Family Vacations readers. Email her directly at and be sure to use code IRFV2021 to receive a 5% discount.

Other companies that offer private family tours in Ireland include:

I would love to answer any questions you might have about family travel in Ireland – or any general Ireland travel questions! You can email me directly or message me on Instagram @IrelandFamilyVacations.

By Aoife for Flytographer; Dublin, Ireland. Ireland travel tips | Ireland vacation |
My family dancing on the lawn of Malahide Castle. By Aoife for Flytographer; Dublin, Ireland. All rights reserved.

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