Through a Window (Rock of Cashel)

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This is one of my favorite images from our time at the Rock of Cashel.  But I can never decide if I like it in full color or black & white better…

Windows Rock of Cashel Ireland

I love the full color version because is shows the brilliant blue sky (it was late November and the weather was incredible), the colors and textures of the stones.  I still use this image on my business cards as it feels timeless and somehow eternal.

Windows Rock of Cashel, Ireland

The black & white I love because of the depth.  The shadows play a bit more in the stone and it leaves me in awe of the men who built this castle of stone.

Which is your favorite?  Leave a comment and tell me.  Next week one comment will win a Family Rambling Travel Journal.

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*Winner will be chosen with Wednesday, April 13.



  1. It’s hard to choose as I like them both for different reasons. That’s a pretty tough spot to be in, huh?!

    I like the one in color better. to me the colors suggest both depth and history. I can see why the b&w version would be a good choice for your business card though, especially as it allows that little bit of color to emphasize the kids.

    I think I like the black and white. Gives it a solid, ancient feel. Looks kind of brooding and mysterious.

    I can see why you can’t decide. Both are fantastic in their own right! I think I like the color better only because the highlights pop out a bit more and you can really see the texture of the stones. If you popped out the whites in the B/W it would give the image even more depth and separate the highlights, midtones and shadows a lot more in the details. Then again, I love contrasty images and it could just me my monitor. Thanks for sharing your beautiful image!

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