Neil Jackman on Ireland’s Ancient East | Traveling in Ireland Podcast Episode 25

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Abarta Heritage

Jody's guest is author, Neil Jackson. Neil is here to talk about some of the 5,000 years of Irish history that he writes about, as well as share stories about his excavations which separate fact from fiction.

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About Neil Jackman and the Abarta Heritage:

Neil Jackman is an author, archaeologist and the Director of Abarta Heritage.

Helpful Links:

Community Development:

Teaching local area groups to promote their heritage sites. 

Excavation at the Hellfire Club:

Exploring further back than the stories tell on the Hellfire Club. Was there an ancient tomb? Stories tell the 17th century haunt was cursed. Listen to find out what they uncovered and find out what was real and what was myth.

The most exciting finds:

Neil tells of two most exciting finds in his excavations. 

3 (or 4) of the Best Places to Visit in Ireland:

Closing remarks:

Contact Abarta Heritage: 

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